• Contents: Soluble Silica and Amino Acid.


      1.  It improves micronutrient uptake.

      2. Its association with cell wall protein indicates an active biochemical function.

      3.  It is prominent in cell walls as solid silica, providing a structural barrier to pathogens.

      4.  It is translocated from roots to shoots.


      Ecosil – G Plus is useful to strengthen the cell walls and helps the plants to build strong branches and stems those are reinforced enough to support the plant.

      Ecosil – G Plus is useful to create bigger stalks and stems those can uptake and transport more water, nutrients and plant secretions throughout the plant, facilitating faster growth rates.

      Silicon forms a protective coating on an intracellular level that decreases the amount of water loss through transpiration, making plants less likely to suffer during drought conditions. It also enables them to continue functioning during high-temperature or low-moisture conditions.

      Amino Acids are fundamental ingredients in the process of Protein Synthesis. Amino Acids can directly or indirectly influence the physiological activities of the plant.

      Ecosil – G Plus form the Primary elements like Carbon and Oxygen obtained from air, Hydrogen from water in the soil. This further forms Carbon Hydrate by means of photosynthesis and combining it with the Nitrogen which the plants obtain from the soil.

      Ecosil – G Plus plays an important role in reinforcing the cell walls of plants and it helps giving plants increased resistance to pests and diseases, increased tolerance to drought.

Target Crops : Pomegranate, Brinjal, Cucumber, Okra, Potato, Tomato, Chilli, Citrus, Banana, Papaya, Grape, Soybean, Green gram, Black gram, Pigeon pea, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Cotton, Paddy.

  • Direction to use : Use 0.5 Kg per acre. Apply 4 to 6 times depending on soil and crop condition.


    Packing : 250 gm.