• ECOSIL - G+ HY

    • Content - Humic Acid, Amino Acid, Fulvic Acid and Seaweed Extract etc.

      Ecosil - G+ HY promotes healthy root growth in high-clay and compacted soil and binds loose low-clay soil particles for better water retention.

      Aside from accelerating root formation, it is used on various crops to stimulate flower development and the growth of fruits. This ultimately increases crop yields.

      Ecosil - G+ HY is able to enhance seed germination and stimulate the metabolisms of plants.

      Ecosil - G+ HY interacts with sunlight to enhance photosynthesis. This can be particularly valuable during prolonged cloudy periods.

      Ecosil - G+ HY can promote the photosynthesis of plants Glycine in the amino acid can increase the content of plant chlorophyll, promote the absorption and utilization of crops to carbon dioxide, and increase the driving force for photosynthesis, making photosynthesis more vigorous.

      Ecosil - G+ HY is rich in essential nutrients, promotes balanced growth, and results in significant yield increases while rarely showing nutrient deficiencies.

      Ecosil - G+ HY regulates the division, elongation, and differentiation of numerous cell types throughout the entire plant life cycle.



      ·         Increase Root Health

      ·         Stimulate Flower Development

      ·         Enhance Germination

      ·         Enhance Photosynthesis

      ·         Improve Nutrient Absorption

      ·         Enhance Chlorophyll Synthesis

      ·         Improved Moisture Storage

      ·         100% Organic Fertilize


Use 2 Kg per Acre. Apply 2 to 3 times depending on soil and crop condition.

    • Packing Size – 2 Kg. Pouch.