• Ecozyme Pro™️

    • ·         Ecozyme Pro is a plant growth promoter that makes plant vigorous, healthy, and productive at all growth stages.

      ·         Ecozyme Pro prevents crops from diseases during its essential stages like germination, flowering, fruiting, maturity, and harvest.

      ·         Ecozyme Pro Helps leaves to expand because of cell enlargement that in turn results in more photosynthesis.

      ·         Ecozyme Pro  helps to reduce flower drop and fruit drop through controlled abscission. It has synergetic effects with other plant growth regulators.

      ·         Ecozyme Pro is a liquid bio stimulant formulated to encourage strong vegetative growth.

      ·         Ecozyme Pro provides all the essential macro elements that plants demand throughout their life cycle.

      ·         Ecozyme Pro is effective at increasing plant mass through vigorous vegetative growth. Raise crop yields through the facilitation of protein formation. Effective against nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro-nutrient deficiency.


Use 1 ml per liter of water and spray as per crop requirements.

    • Packing -  250 ML, 500 ML, 1 Ltr.