• Contents: Some of the herbs that are used in making Nevigator are Asparagus officinalis, Aloe Barbadensis and Badang.


        1.  Eco-friendly broad-spectrum herbal extract with nematicidal properties against many species like Cyst nematode, Root nematode, Leaf                                    nematode, and Stem nematode, etc.

        2.  It breaks the tolerance and resistance limits of nematodes to survive.

        3. It is a unique and only foliar formulation to control nematodes.

        4. It affects the reproductive system of nematodes which prevents further population build-up of nematodes.

        5. First foliar spray nematicides are easy translocated in the plant system.

It is suitable for incorporation in IPM programs. No residual toxicity and phytotoxicity so it can be used until harvest. No harmful effects on mammals, humans, and beneficial organisms like predatory mites, parasites, pollinators. It affects the reproductive system of nematodes, which prevents further population build-up of nematodes. No hassles of soil fumigation or soil drenching. Compatible with all pesticides and bio-stimulates. It is 100% Organic in nature thus it promotes sustainable agriculture.

Target crops: Pomegranate, Brinjal, Cucumber, Okra, Potato, Tomato, Chilli, Citrus, Banana, Papaya, Grape, Soybean, Green gram, Black gram, Pigeon pea, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Cotton, Paddy. 

  • Direction to use: Use 10 ml/lit water spray either before or after the emergence of the disease. In adverse climatic conditions, repeat after 15-20 days.

    Packing : 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter & 5 liter.