Redefining Food in Organic Way


Redefining Food in Organic Way



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‘Ajinkya Chemtech Pvt. Ltd.’ has market presence in both organic and chemical based solutions. However, recently, Ajinkya Chemtech has brought in wide range of solutions for organic farming that includes  Biopesticides, Organic Fertilisers, Water Soluble Fertilisers, Plant Growth Regulators and Special Organic Solutions for the most genuine problems in the field of agriculture growth.


The Executive Management Team meets regularly to address matters concerning the entire Group. The Executive Management Team is responsible for managing the Company’s core business operations as a whole, which requires planning of various development processes, Group principles and Group practices, as well as monitoring the development of financial matters and Group business plans.



As we are into 21st century, development in Indian Agriculture & allied Industries are making leap bound progress, to cater Increased population food demand & quality conscious urban population. India having one of the best climatic conditions, ample source of water, good soil structure ranks 2nd worldwide infarm output Agriculture contributes 14% National GDP with 11% export.

What Our Farmers Say

I used Nevigator for Chillis. Without Nevigator the Chillis were turning yellow. Now they have become green. Thanks to Nevigator and thanks to Ajinkya Chemtech Pvt Ltd. Mr. Vijay Chauhan

Ecosil-G लगानेसे दाने एकदम चमकदार हो गए। Ecosil-G धरती में जडोंको बढ़ावा देता है । और धरती से ज्यादा से ज्यादा पोषक तत्त्व लेता है और पौधे को आगे बढ़ता है ।इससे बुटे भी काफी अच्छे बनते है।

Mr. Sudarshan

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Indian Agriculture- History of Indian Agriculture

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