Fresh water Fish


Rohu – Labeo Rohita Rohu is a species of carp family, found in rivers of Indian subcontinent and extensively used in aquaculture. The large silver coloured Rohu fish is an important aquacultured freshwater species and very commonly eaten in India and also considered a delicacy in Bhojpur.


Catla Fish are a lean, healthy source of protein–and the oily kinds, such as salmon, tuna, and sardines–deliver those heart- and brain-healthy omega-3 fats that you should also be getting in your diet.

Mrigal Fish

The mrigal carp (Cirrhinus cirrhosus), also known as the white carp, is a species of ray-finned fish in the carp family


The GIFT that keeps giving One particular strain, Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia (GIFT), is providing small-scale farmers with an income and households with a sustainable source of food and nutrition.

Pabda Fish

Pabda Fish is a freshwater fish species. It is very tasty and has high nutrition value. So it has a great demand and high value in the market. Pabda fishes can be found mainly in the pond, swamp, paddy field etc. They are one type of catfish


Scampi is shrimp which lives in fresh water. This includes: Any Caridea (shrimp) which live in fresh water, especially the family Atyidae;