Approaching Towards Organic, Pollution Free and a Residue Free World

Our Vision & Structure

As we are into 21st century, development in Indian Agriculture & allied Industries are making leap bound progress, to cater Increased population food demand & quality conscious urban population.


India having one of the best climatic conditions, ample source of water, good soil structure ranks 2nd worldwide in farm output. Agriculture contributes 14% National GDP with 11% export. Our half of the population still relies on agriculture as its principal income so plays an Important role in overall socio–economic fabric of India. Companies like Wal-Mart making presence in agriculture field by doing contract farming activities. Organic food is call of the hour.


Agro Input Industry plays important role to increase per acre yield of crop as land holding per family goes on decreasing. Drip irrigation is increasing like anything Also Government subsidies for straight fertilizers are reducing over the years so there is lot of scope for Water Soluble Fertilizers. Micro Nutrients which help to improve Crop yield, Quality of product produce & increased disease resistance.


Looking into this, Ajinkya Chemtech Pvt. Ltd. entered 15 years back in plant protection sector having in all 13 products namely Viricide, Bactericide, Nematicides, Miticides, Plant Growth Regulators, 5 products as organic fertilizers like Granules, Fish Meal & Seaweed Extract, 8 graders of Water-Soluble fertilizers & at verge of launching 8 products in Micro Nutrient range.