How India is an agriculture-based country.

India is considered to be an agricultural-based country, and the people of India are proud of it. Agriculture, along with livestock farming, cattle raising, dairy, and other agriculture subsidiaries is the largest source of livelihood in India.

Most of the farming activities are carried out in rural areas, one can assume the financial status of the farmers, but out of the total farmer population, 82 percent are small and marginal farmers. This shows why it is the need of the hour to increase crop production and crop quality.

Apart from Agriculture, the fishing industry is also a huge contributor to the Indian economy. According to India is the 3rd largest producer of fish in the world and about 68% of India’s fish comes from the aquaculture sector. Moreover, India stands as the largest producer and exporter of cultural shrimp in the world.

It is evident that India depends largely on its agriculture sector to succeed in order to support the population and GDP growth.
The world is changing rapidly, relying heavily on improvement in the agriculture industry, due to rapid global population growth, increased biofuel production, and changing dietary preferences.

Climate change is also a huge concern to which scientists all across the world indicate constantly. Therefore, a sustainable way of producing crops and farming should be implemented to boost this process of refining.

Before we move on to the solution and how Ajinkya Chemtech is contributing to the cause, let’s read about types of farming techniques.

Types of farming

Subsistence farming is a form of farming in which farmers cultivate crops for their own family and sustenance. Not only crops but subsistence farming also includes raising livestock. Unfortunately every year it leaves little room for any surplus for sale or trade. Before the industrialization of the agriculture industry, most farmers used to practice subsistence farming. Some of these people moved from site to site as they exhausted the soil at each location.








Commercial Farming.

Commercial agriculture or agribusiness is a cropping method in which cultivating crops and raising livestock is done to sell products and earn profits. Huge capital is invested to grow large-scale crops in huge farming areas. This process is supported by modern technologies in machinery, irrigation methods and chemical fertilizers, insecticides, etc. Due to the heavy investments, commercial farming automatically becomes a driver of the global agriculture industry. Although commercial farming earns a huge profit for cultivators, it has come under scrutiny due to its over-reliance on chemicals that harm the environment. This is where Ajinkya Chemtech’s products differ, we manufacture them organically leaving no residue.

Organic farming

We arrive at organic farming, an agricultural system that uses organically manufactured boosters and fertilizers such as compost, bone meal, green manure, apart from that crop rotation and companion planting also help in organic farming. Modern organic farming methods were developed as a response to the environmental crisis. There can be a balance between commercial and organic farming methods,

 An organic way for sustainable development

Ajinkya Chemtech manufactures a smart and organic product line that focuses on less and less environmental impact. Ajinkya is the most active Bio-Pesticide and Bio-Fertilizers, and Plant Growth Regulator company out there. Today, Bio-pesticides are preferred over chemical pesticides due to zero residue effect and maintaining ecology. We manufacture a wide range of BioFungicides, Bio-insecticides, Bactericides, Viricides, etc. As the world moves forward with a sustainable agenda, as nature demands, collectively the rising population and climate change have to be tackled at all fronts. Ajinkya Chemtech also has different products such as Ecohumic G which is the best quality soil conditioner in granule form manufactured using seaweed extract.Ecostim is very effective for regular and good quality produce. Other PGRs like Ecohumic and Ecozyme containing humic acid and enzymes respectively are essential for good quality products and sustainable farming.

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