Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

With the growing importance of total quality management in seafood production, post harvest handling has assumed paramount importance. Indian seafood industry has become one of the leading supplier of quality seafood to all the major markets of the world. Currently we export our quality produce to South East Asian Countries, China, Gulf Countries and EU.

New Technology in India It’s always endeavor of company to implement ultra modern technologies at various stages like GPRS system to boats, DNA tracking of sea catch, programmed processing to control quality of produce, heat / temperature sensors, auto launchers for cold storages, control of Bacterial infection by testing of produce at various stages in in-house Microbiology Lab. Company is committed to invest in implementation of technology at every stage of entire venture. 

In short span of 2 years, we have built good reputation in International market only due to our Quality Products with superior infrastructure.


What we follow


We have dedicated team of professionals who take care of quality of Inward material. This is especially important for the fish processing industry since fish is a product that gets easily contaminated or spoiled.


Material is processed immediately after it is harvested. It is handled with care, sorted and peeled by hands to ensure minimum defects and unparalleled uniformity. It is absolutely antibiotic / chloraphenicol or nitro furans free.

Packing & logistics

Product is packed immediately after it is processed. It is packed under HACCP controls. Meets requirements of the U.S food and Administration. Product is available in standard packaging size; however, we can customize product and packing requirements on request.

Our Core Principals for Quality

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

  • Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures (SSOP)

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Comprehensive Training By following this program and adding new criteria when warranted, we maintain uncompromisingly high standards in all areas of operation.

  • Certification As per policy of Quality Consciousness & Professional approach, we are equipped with various certifications like HASSAP & ISO 20000. This also boosts quality of our product as following procedure of HASSAP & ISO 20000 itself ensures correct protocols for processing, packaging and storage in cold store. Our plant is EU approved which ensures us smooth exports to European countries.

  • Certification – Vannamei (Commercially most important variety which is exported from India)