Sugarcane Crop Management


Sugarcane Crop



Suru – 15 Dec – 15 Feb

Purv – Hangami – 15 Oct – 30 Nov

Adsali – 15 July – 15 Aug.


Land and planting

Select medium and heavy land.

Vertical bundle, clay etc. Make a good frieze by cultivating the land.


Broad furrows are formed at a spacing of 150 cm and in the middle of the furrows sugarcane setts are planted in two rows adopting a spacing of 30 cm between them. 


Suru – Groundnut, Gram, Onion, Cucumber, Watermelon, Muskmelon.

Purv hangami – Potato, Gram, Onion, Cauliflower.

Adsali – Groundnut, Soybean Veg.  

Integrated pest Management

The soil should be weighed properly and let the soil heat well in the sun.

Organic fertilisers should be used by land management.

Previous crop should be used as spinach manure as well as green manure.

Sow the sunflower in the sugarcane.

Micro Nutrients improve juice quality of sugarcane. Along with major and secondary nutrients Zinc and Iron are essential for sustainable cane yield with quality.