URANUS® 17:44:00 (Urea Phosphate)


100% water soluble having N:P ratio 17:44


1. Use of Uranus saves conventional nutrients by 35-40% due to fertigation technique.
2. It is useful to enhance the growth and maintain vigour of plants.
3. It improves availability of nutrients & their uptake by the roots.
4. They are compatible with all agrochemicals & other Water-Soluble Fertilisers except Calcium containing fertilisers.

Direction to use : Uranus 17:44:00 : 5 gm/lit of water for spray and 10 gm/lit of water for drip.

Packing : 1 Kg & 25 Kg.

Uranus can be used as foliar spray and also can be used in Drip irrigation. It is compatible with all other agro chemicals. Uranus is easily absorbed by the leaves. It is completely absorbed by the leaf within thirty minutes of application. It is the perfect product to supply Phosphate & Nitrogen simultaneously. Nitrogen in Urea Phosphate is present in the amide form which offers better control over Nitrogen availability. It is 100% water soluble.