Boron ethanolamine


  • Boron (as B) per cent weight, minimum – 10%
  • pH – 8.5+/-1
  • Specific gravity – 1.3-1.4
  • Lead (as Pb) per cent by weight, maximum – 0.003
  • Cadmium (as Cd) per cent by weight, maximum – 0.0025
  • Arsenic (as as) per cent by weight, maximum – 0.01
  • Benefits

    1. It is a water-soluble suspension of 10% Boron-ethanolamine that is quickly absorbed and assimilated by the crop.
    2. Its application stimulates the growth of cambium tissues and apical meristems, promotes calcium movility and assimilation, and also the production of pollen and fertilization.
    3. It is used to prevent and, if necessary, correct alterations caused by deficiency or imbalance in the assimilation of this micronutrient. It may be applied via foliar and/or radicular applications, to woody and herbaceous crops.

    Direction to use : 1 ml per litre of water.

    Packing : 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml.