URANUS® 00:00:50 (Sulphate Of Potash)


100% water soluble having only K(50%)


  1. Uranus saves nutrients to extent of 35-40% due to fertigation technique.
  2. It is useful to enhance the growth and maintain vigour of plants.
  3. It is useful for fruit maturity, colour and sugar development.
  4. It is the only fertiliser that also supplies sulphur to crop.
  5. It improves translocation of nutritional material from stem and branches to maturing fruits, improve final quality of produce.

Direction to use : Uranus 00:00:50 : 5 gm/lit of water for spray and 10 gm/lit of water for drip.

Packing : 1 Kg and 25 Kg.

Uranus can be used as foliar spray and also can be used in Drip irrigation. It is compatible with all other agro chemicals. Uranus is easily absorbed by the leaves. It is completely absorbed by the leaf within thirty minutes of application. The action of Uranus starts within 48 hours and peaks at about 21 days post application. It helps to save crops from water stress condition. It is 100% water soluble.