ECOSEED is developed by adopting Microbial Biotechnology with highly potent microbial bio fertilizing organisms. These beneficial microorganisms will produce hormones, enzymes and supply nutrients, plant growth, plant health and yield. It is useful for Sugarcane.


  1. It increases speed of germination by reducing the bud dormancy.
  2. It increases the percentage of bud germination and improves crop quality.
  3. It protects the buds by reducing the environmental stress.
  4. It fixes the nutrients and enhances the availability of all plant nutrients.
  5. It enhances the growth of both shoot and root systems which leads to higher yields.
  6. It supports the growth of beneficial microorganisms at rhizosphere.
  7. It controls the soil born pathogens and reduces the toxicity of the soil.
  8. It safe guards bud as well as plant against wide range of diseases.


Make a solution of 200 gm Ecoseed using 200 litters of water. Dip the Sugarcane buds of one-acre quantity for 15-20 minutes & then plant in row.

Packing size : 100 gm.