Specialty Nano Nutrient Formulation


  1. Ajinkya-MN ZMC is the formulation of Zinc, Manganese & Copper to prevent the Zn, Mn, Cu deficiency in the plant.
  2. Ajinkya-MN ZMC plays an important role in Enzyme system, seed development & water regulation in the plant.
  3. Ajinkya-MN ZMC helps to regulate Oxygen Exchange & enables production of carbohydrates.
  4. Ajinkya-MN ZMC plays an important role in Chloroplast formation, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Nitrogen metabolism and Synthesis of some enzymes.
  5. Ajinkya-MN ZMC is also involved in pollen germination, pollen tube growth, root cell elongation and resistance to root pathogens.
  6. Ajinkya-MN ZMC activates some enzymes in plants which are involved in lignin synthesis and it is essential in several enzyme systems.
  7. Ajinkya-MN ZMC is essential to the growth of plants. Among other things, it plays a part in several enzyme processes and is key to the formation of Chlorophyll.
  8. Ajinkya-MN ZMC helps in giving better result in lower dosage. It also promotes fast action, more uptake of the product & finally a lower cost in comparison to the conventional fertilizer.

Dosage : 50 gm per 200 liter water.

Packing : 25 gm.