Unique Nutrient Formulation


  1. Ajinkya-MN CMB is to prevent the Nutrient deficiency in the plant.
  2. Ajinkya-MN CMB is a part of cell wall, and hence related to cell division, cell elongation process.
  3. Ajinkya-MN CMB helps to increase the Photosynthesis process in the plant resulting into the better food production, also increases the chlorophyll pigment into the plant helps to develop/enlarge the leaf size and canopy of plant.
  4. Ajinkya-MN CMB helps for protein secretion in the plant.
  5. Ajinkya-MN CMB is free from harmful elements like Sodium and Chloride.
  6. Ajinkya-MN CMB helps to increase the plant growth and better fruit production.



Dosage : For Foliar application – Dissolve 1 to 1.5 gm per liter of water and sprays from vegetation stage to fruit development stage.

Packing : 100 gm, 250 gm & 500 gm.