Organic Plant Growth Regulators

The term PGR includes many things, not all of them potentially harmful. But technically, PGR is a chemical used to treat seed or growing plants through cellular mutation, making the plant more desirable, often more to the seller than the buyer. These are growth management products motivating the plant to produce its own beneficial hormones naturally. It helps enhance flowering, fledgling, fruit set, fruit size, maturity and over all yield. This aids to deliver enhanced crop quality. PGRs are used for a host of reasons and function in a number of ways. They are commonly categorized and regulated as pesticides but mostly deal with growth of flowering and fruiting issues. Some, especially those used to encourage rooting, are organic compounds but most of those used in commercial agriculture includes the sale of nursery stock which are synthetically derived.


Promotes plant’s growth, increase crop’s yield effectively.
Promotes bud formation, help fruits setting, promote fruits enlargement.
Improves fruit taste, colour and shape, thus improve fruit quality.
Increases rice tillering (shooting), increases grains filling and grain’s weight.
Seed treatment: increases seed germination, improves seed vigour.
Improves crop’s ability of resist cold weather and drought.
Improves crop’s resistance to pest and diseases.
Relieves the chemical and harmful stresses from pesticides and herbicides.

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