Cucumber Crop Management


Cucumber Crop 

Land and Season

Cucumber is a hot and dry, dry and dry crop. The moderate to heavy land of well drained water is suitable for this crop.

Planting Time

Kharif – June, July

Summer – Jan, Feb.


1 m X 1.5 m

Seed Rate

1 to 1.5 kg per ha.


20 ton weeding should be given 100:50:50 kg of N and Palash per hectare, before the cultivation should be given half the amount of nitrogen, full potash and phosphorus.

INTEGRATED pest management

Use Kamgandh traps to control the green larvae or spray the Wizard 0.33 ml per 1 liter. For management of white fly and flower insects use Yellow Grease Pad 10 to 15 acre.