Chilli Crop Management


Chilli Crop 


There are a lot of vitamin A and B vitamins in Chili. The chili of pigmentation is due to the capsicin lime.

Planting Time

Kharif June – July

Seed Rate

1.00 to 1.25 kg per ha-cm


60  X 45 cm

Bacterial Fertilsers

Pour 20 kg of seeds of phosphorous dissolving bacteria.


There is a lot of growth in the heat and humidity of Chili. Cold weather does not have to be found in Chili. However, if the intensity of cold is low, Then Chili can be cultivated during this period.

Integrated Pest Management

  • Select healthy seed plants.
  • Make selections at the right interval.
  • Management of nutrients based on soil, especially for organic fertilizers & organic fertilizers, should be used in the right quantities.
  • Crop rotation by proper water management.
  • Treatment of formulas as an inter crop for marigold & planting.

Fertilisers and Management

By giving timely results, chili crop growth was robust. For the dry crop of chili, add 50 kg N or 50 kg of phosphorus per hectare and 100 kg N and 50 kg potash per hectare of these, the full quantity of phosphorus and potash and half the amount of nitrogen should be given at the time of sowing of the seedlings.