Capsicum Crop Management


Capsicum Crop 


Red capsicums have very high levels of vitamin C and yellow and green capsicums have almost as it has become a key element in many cuisines.

Planting Time

Capsicum is a cool season crop and is planted from February onwards and up to May / June in the hills and cooler climes.

Seed Rate

1.25 to 1.50 kg seed is required for 1 hectare area.


Spacing of 90 x 60 x 60 cm in the paired row system, using ropes marked at 60 cm spacing.


Soil Requirement for Chilli or Capsicum Cultivation Climate. The chilli is a plant of tropical and sub-tropical region. It grows well in warm and humid climate and a temperature of 20 ºC to 25 ºC. Low moisture in soil during blossom development and fruit formation causes the bud, deblossom and fruit drops.

INTEGRATED pest management

1. Select healthy seed plants.
2. Make selections at the right interval.
3. Management of nutrients based on soil, especially for organic fertilisers, should be used in the right quantities.
4. Crop rotation by proper water management.
5. Treatment of formulas as an inter crop for marigold & planting

Fertilisers and Management –

A basal fertiliser dose of 20:25:20 N:P:K is required per acre and is applied to the beds.