MN Ferrous EDTA (Fe)


This is excellent source of Iron. Iron is an essential micronutrient which is required during plant growth.

It is essential to maintain a healthy active root system. Any factor interfering with root development interferes with iron uptake.

Ajinkya-MN (Fe) is concentrated Iron micronutrient for Iron deficiency preventive treatment. If plant shows slight deficiency symptoms, higher ratios are applied in 3-4 week’s intervals till deficiency is cured.

Ajinkya-MN (Fe) is widely used to correct or to prevent the iron deficiencies.

Ajinkya-MN (Fe) can be used on wide range of soil pH (4.0 – 8.0) to prevent permanent deficiencies.

Ajinkya-MN (Fe) is chelated by special chelating agents and hence uptake of these nutrients is more compared to conventional micronutrients.

Ajinkya-MN (Fe) can be used through drip irrigation as well as through foliar applications to correct deficiencies.

Easily and rapidly soluble in water along with water-soluble fertilizers.

How to use?

For foliar spray - 0.5 to 1.0 gm/lit of water and spray as per crop requirements.

Packing – 100 gm, 250 gm & 500 gm.