Planting Time –

Kharif – June, July

Summer – Jan, Feb.

Seed Rate –

1 to 1.5 kg per ha.

Spacing –

1 X 1.5 m

Land and season –

Cucumber is a hot and dry, dry and dry crop. The moderate to heavy land of well drained water is suitable for this crop.

Integrated pest Management –

Use Kamgandh traps to control the green larvae or spray the Wizard 0.33 ml per 1 liter. For management of white fly and flower insects use Yellow Grease Pad 10 to 15 acre.

Fertilizer and management –

20 ton weeding should be given 100:50:50 kg of N and Palash per hectare, before the cultivation should be given half the amount of nitrogen, full potash and phosphorus.