With various new revolutionary techniques in agriculture coming to the fore, there was a void in the market for specialized farming solutions. The need of the market was someone, with a thorough understanding of nature of soil, crop, weather conditions, who could provide the farmer community with solutions to improve quality of products and yield of farm.

With this as the major focus, 'Ajinkya Chemtech Pvt. Ltd.' came into existence in 1996. Ajinkya Chemtech focuses on providing organic input solutions to farming community. Our products have satisfied farmers throughout India and Abroad. With a strong backing of scientists, agriculture universities and state of the art infrastructure, we provide valuable contribution in the field of organic farming.

'Ajinkya Chemtech Pvt. Ltd.' has since its inception, grown in leaps and bounds. Today Ajinkya Chemtech figures predominantly as an emerging player in the field of organic farming. Wide range of solutions for organic farming includes Biopesticides, Organic Fertilizers, Water Soluble Fertilizer, Plant Growth Regulators and Special solutions for the most genuine problems in the field of agriculture growth.

Till 2013, Company was working in only pre-harvest segment by manufacturing specialty Agro input products. Since 2013 onwards, as part of policy of diversification, company forayed into post-harvest segment by processing & exporting fisheries & allied products.

Company is having fishery processing unit at Ratnagiri in which Fresh water, Brackish water & Sea water fishes catches are processed. Entire material is processed in extreme hygienic conditions and exported to various countries. Within short span of five years company has established itself in International Market with high repute. Going forward, company plans to venture into value added products manufacturing to cater sophisticated markets like Japan & USA.

A recent United Nation report highlights the growing role of fish and aquaculture in feeding the world and providing a source of income aid calls for sustainable and responsible management of so called "Blue World"

Our mission of Fishery vertical is to guarantee a continuous supply of the highest quality fishery products by sourcing them in a progressive and responsible manner which focuses as well being of both, consumers & environment.